• Visitor registration simplified

    Vizito is a clean, modern and customizable solution to register, track and manage your visitors

    Satisfied customers

    Fujifilm Electronic MaterialsIMES DexisBNP Paribas Fortis FactorAverna
  • Easy to use

    Vizito was created to modernize visitor registration, without making it more complex

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    Group RenotecCornelissen GroepSenseAirSamsonite
  • Make it yours!

    The entire user experience is fully customizable, from branding to the fields a visitor needs to fill out

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    Marsilli S.p.A.CentralpointTumi
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What is Vizito?

Vizito is a fully featured Visitor Registration Management Solution.
It consists of 2 main parts:

  • A tablet (iPad or Android) or a kiosk computer, running our application, mounted in a secure stand

  • A backoffice website, which the receptionist can use from his or her computer

Learn how Vizito can reduce your workload, save money and profile your company as modern and innovative

Receptionist heaven

Make your receptionist's life easier and get a better overview of your visitor information thanks to the Vizito's backoffice. Visitor management has never been easier!

Customize the registration experience

Thanks to Vizito's extensive customization options, you can brand the application to suit your company style and edit which fields you want visitors to fill out.

Privacy guaranteed

A paper guestbook does not respect your guests' privacy. Using Vizito, all information is stored privately and traffic is encrypted thanks to SSL technology.

Sign in on the tablet...
Track visitors from your desktop...
Check emergency data from your mobile!

Realtime dashboard

Get more information about our realtime dashboard, its features, and discover all the ways that it can help you.


Wide range of features

Leave a powerful impression on your visitors when they are greeted by the innovative features of Vizito

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  • "A very nice app!"

    Great support, also after sales!

    Luc Bens Luc Bens
    System Engineer @ Fujifilm Electronal Materials
  • "A stylish addition to our reception"

    We love the fact it is highly customizable and easy to use.

    Guy Deknaep Guy De Knaep
    ICT Manager @ Renotec
  • "ARTE goes for paperless visitor registration"

    User friendly, professional looking and very stylish. Just what we needed.

    Peter Verheyen Peter Verheyen
    COO @ Arte NV
  • "An Impressive Experience for our Visitors"

    No longer do we have to rely on paper visitorlists. The ease of use is incredible and our visitors are enthusiastic about the new way of signing

    Nancy Nancy Frederickx
    Receptionist @ Xenics
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