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Vizito Release 1.9.21

Hey there 👋

Thank you for all your valuable feedback.
We have considered all of the feedback and are happy to announce a lot of new features in Vizito!
Here is an overview of what's new:
  • Simplified device registration. You no longer need to type over usernames and passwords on the tablet, simply connect your tablet to your account from the backoffice.
  • Changes to notifications
    • Notifications to your host can now be sent out via Microsoft Teams. Find out more.
    • You can now change the contents and messages for your host notifications for all communication channels.
    • You can now send a notification to the host when a visitor signs out.
    • Your visitors can now receive an email when they sign in or out. This can be handy to share some details or to simply send a thank you message to your visitor.
    • You can now customise the invitation email that is sent out to visitors.
  • Changes to agreements
    • support for multiple agreements
    • added video agreements
    • added PDF document agreements
    • added support for setting an expiration date for agreements so that they only need to be read once during a period of time
  • Changes to contactless sign in
    • support for multi-tenant buildings
    • change the position of the contactless QR code on the tablet
    • generate a static QR code that can be printed out and will not expire
  • You can now mark some hosts as sticky. This will automatically show the sticky hosts by default when a user taps on the Here to see? field.
  • Data retention can now also be applied to known visitors. You can now also mark a known visitor as persistent to prevent the record from being removed.
  • You can now connect your Apple iPad to a Brother QL-820NWB via Bluetooth and print over Bluetooth instead of WiFi.
  • You can now export visitor information that will include visitor signatures and photos into one Excel document.
  • You can now add numerical fields with a minimum and maximum value to the system.
  • It is now possible to reprint a badge on the tablet from the backoffice. Open a visitors details and choose to print a new badge.
  • We have added support for advanced settings: find out more.
Be sure to update the Vizito app on your tablet to the latest version to enable the new features (iOS / Android app version 1.9.21 or later).

Support for multiple agreements

In the next few weeks/months we will be changing our branding, starting with our new logo. We are looking forward to your feedback!
The following changes are available:
  • You can now add more than one agreement, NDA and/or safety instruction and have the luxury of applying them to one or more visit types. Read up on this new feature over here.
  • We have added a new field type "YES / NO" which can be configured as optional or mandatory. This might be useful in those cases where you need to make sure the visitor has supplied an answer.
Be sure to update the Vizito app on your tablet to the latest version to enable the new features (iOS / Android app version 1.9.8 or later).

New features for the first quarter of 2021!

We've got some exciting news!

The following changes are available:
  • Pre-registration allows a visitor to verify and complete their information prior to their actual visit. Read up on this here
  • Registered visitors can now be configured with a date interval. You can now set a start date and end date for a registered visitor from the website.
  • Automatic sign out has been added. Either automatically sign out visitors at the end of the day or after a custom period in time. Read up on this here
  • Energy saving feature. You can schedule the brightness of the tablet screen. Read up on this here
Be sure to update the Vizito app on your tablet to the latest version to benefit from the above.

Vizito - New Features Available Now!

We've got some exciting news!

New features have been introduced, so without further ado:

The following changes are available:

  • Custom email and SMS (text message) notifications. This allows for place holders to be used and all round flexibility. Read up on this here
  • Visitor screening. Approve or reject visitors after they have signed in. Find out more here
  • Language support for Greek and Icelandic.
  • A custom sign out message can be configured right now from the website.
  • Added support towards pre-registered visitors for contactless sign in.
  • The "sign in as a" label can be adjusted as well.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on these changes.

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