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Introducing visit types!

We've just added support for multiple visit types in Vizito!

You can now differentiate further between your type of visitors.
This allows much more flexibility in configuring Vizito.
Common use case is to configure a different approach for contractors and regular visitors.

Take a look at the article below for more detailed information:


Vizito is proud to announce we have a new team member!
Ajoy Massafra has joined us and will be our newest addition, in charge of communicating to and with our Vizito customers, both new and existing. He will ensure your satisfaction and will be the key contact for all current and future Vizito clients…

A true multicultural background…
He was born in India, was adopted by Italians in Belgium and has travelled the world. He built a professional career in Europe and has worked in Australia to broaden his cultural window. There, he was able to learn from the best in the business. He is able to communicate in Dutch, in English and is fluent in Italian, so we can provide the perfect service for all our clients, domestic and abroad. Therefore, he might be the exact answer to your questions.
Seeing as how we are growing at a steady rate we feel this is the perfect time to expand and we think he is the perfect person to join our wonderful, hardworking team.
He is truly passionate and would like to write history alongside us….

Welcome aboard, Ajoy!

Happy holidays from the Vizito team!

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